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St-John's Long Term Care Facilities

Beaubois: from sea to sea!

With numerous projects under its belt in British Columbia and on the West Coast of the United States, Beaubois is now working in the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's easternmost province, participating in the construction of the new long-term care centre in St. John's.

Design to accommodate 460 residents, the new complex will have two 4-storey buildings connected by a third building which will house common services and areas for leisurely relaxation and activities.

Ébénisterie Beaubois will leave its imprint on all the sectors of the centre. Ceiling mouldings, chair rails, column mouldings and coverings, as well as finishing elements will be crafted by its team, which will also produce and install the nursing stations, cabinets, cupboards, window sills and decorative window frames.

In addition to the woodwork elements in maple, Beaubois will provide stainless steel items such as shelves and cabinets. The firm will also fabricate numerous counters and cover them with a solid polymer manufactured in its plant.

Thoroughly accustomed to train and truck transportation, Beaubois will now be dealing with the schedules for the ships that serve Newfoundland. Efficient planning, though, turns what could be a challenge into business as usual for this team.

An amount of nearly $28M for this project was included in the 2010 budget of the provincial government which recognizes the need for strengthening long-term care and community support systems in order to take the best possible care of individuals who are no longer autonomous. As the Honourable Jerome Kennedy, Minister of Health and Community Services, said, "Continued support for the implementation of both the nursing home and home care tools will reap major benefits, in terms of quality care and sustainability of the system by ensuring individuals are receiving the levels of care and support that best meet their needs."

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