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The University of Chicago Medical Center (UCMC)

A new building for the University of Chicago Medical Center

Beaubois is proud to be a major part of the team chosen to construct and fit up the latest addition to this world famous institution.

Ten stories high and 1.2 million square feet in area, these new premises will join those of the University's other institutions - Comer Children's Hospital, Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine, Gordon Center for Integrative Science and Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery.

Following the recommendation of the firm of Rafael Viñoly architects, the administration who, at first, simply wanted to enlarge the existing building, opted for a project that would meet its needs over the long term. The flexibility offered by the layout will facilitate the future reconfiguration of departments and addition of tomorrow's more sophisticated equipment. Being linked to other neighboring buildings, the new pavilion will enable its teams to work more efficiently as even their moving around was analyzed to reduce the waste of time involved.

Beaubois will furnish the 240 rooms with counters and cupboards, enhance them with wainscots and add a dropped ceiling in a laminated plastic that resembles wood. The window sills and wainscots in the corridors and operating rooms will have solid polymer surfaces fabricated in the firm's plant.

Beaubois' most beautiful work has been reserved for the chapel where panels of various angles and depths will create a peaceful and stately wave effect adding to the majesty of the room. The altar and pews will be crafted by the firm's woodworking artists.

These talented people will also produce the woodbases for the lockers as well as the protective wall and corner moldings throughout the building. In addition to carefully crafting the curved nursing stations, Beaubois will touch the reception area with its skilful hand.

The most impressive building on the medical campus, the new pavilion will be accessible and attractive to passers-by as the ground floor will be home to retail businesses, making the hospital even more welcoming for the community. A leading-edge project for a team, the Beaubois team, that never stops innovating.

The University of Chicago Medical Centre (UCMC) is ranked 17th on the list of 5,000 American Hospitals published by the U.S News & World Report and is the only regional institution on the Honor Roll of the best hospitals. To date, there have been 11 Nobel Prize laureates in Medicine or Psychology associated with this university.

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