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California Independent System Operator Corporation Headquarters

One of the greenest headquarters: LEED Gold and FSC wood only

Responsible for operating the state's electricity system and transmitting electricity, California ISO, California Independent System Operator, has placed the priority on its environmental values in the design of its new head office.

The program not only aims for LEED Gold certification for the building but also permits the use of FSC wood only. The FSC label, the reference worldwide, allows the wood to be traced right back to its forest of origin. Even though this wood is being used more and more frequently, it is rare to find buildings in which it is used exclusively.

Ébénisterie Beaubois, which adopted a Green Vision long ago, easily met all the required criteria and was selected to participate in this project.

All areas of the building will bear the Beaubois' seal of craftsmanship. The masterpiece will be found in the conference room where the natural cherry wood panels that grace it will be placed so that the wood grain creates a true work of art.

Beaubois will also manufacture the reception furniture, other wall panels, the cupboards and the vanity counters that will be clad in CaesarStone, a solid surface created by mixing quartz crystals and resin. Numerous procedures will be followed to comply with the extremely strict earthquake code standards in California. These include using more screws than usual to install the cupboards.

Security and space requirements are the prime needs behind this $160M project. California ISO Chairman of the Board, Mason Willrich, stated that the premises currently rented by ISO are situated in an older business park that lacks a security perimeter and there is constant concern about access.

Three wings linked together will form the new 278,000 sq. ft. Complex where some 500 people will come to work. The main reception area will be located in a two-story building that will also house training rooms, an educational centre and support equipment. The second building will be for the offices and the third will host a data center, a control center for critical missions and the electromechanical systems.

An ambitious project and perfectly aligned with Beaubois' Green Vision.

A non-profit organization, California ISO manages the state's transmission of electricity over long distances using high voltage equipment linking California with its neighboring states, Canada and Mexico.

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