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Center for Performing Arts

Art from every angle

The Center's management wants their success to be measured both by the works presented on stage and the inspiration that comes from the built environment. Thus the architecture is just as important as the talent of the artists who will perform there.

Beaubois is the master of creating harmony in wood, so who better than this talented team to help realize such a vision?

Throughout the Center, originality and talent will be found hand-in-hand. The artists from Beaubois will create a set of moldings that will intersect at various levels to create the breath-taking ceilings in the lobbies. In the main lobby, they will also fit up the four piano bars, all piano-shaped, for which they will create a key-board effect by using a variety of hardwoods.

The work in the concert hall is even more spectacular. Beaubois will fabricate choir loft, a 60-foot long and 6-feet high piece of furniture that will be equipped with 10-foot long low lateral walls. There will be a set of stairs in front leading to the platform which will be equipped with wheels so it can be moved and be divided into five sections for ease in handling and storage. A one-of-a-kind piece.

The Concert Hall will be enhanced by other elements of architectural woodwork: the Brazilian cherry wood railings for the orchestra pit, the wainscoting around the room, the choir benches and the appliqués that will decorate the door frames.

The Center for Performing Arts will offer 1,600 seats in the Palladium concert hall, 500 more in the proscenium theatre, the Tarkington, and 200 in the studio theatre. Equipped with the latest technology and acoustically perfect, the Center will take its place among the elite performance venues in the United States.

In addition to its vocation as a performing arts venue, the Palladium will serve an education center and museum for the Michael Feinstein Foundation, housing the manuscripts that make up the Great American Songbook Collection and will host an annual festival of the same name.

The Center will become the haven for local artists - actors, dancers or musicians - and will also welcome the world's most talented artists as well as American and international orchestras, chambers and vocalists.

The Carmel Center for Performing Arts will celebrate art with the surrounding community, sure to be dazzled by the works presented by Beaubois.

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