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Woman's Hospital

Health care: a new star to shine in Baton Rouge

Shaped like a star, the new Woman's Hospital will shine brightly thanks to its original architecture, the leading-edge technology that will be available there and, above all, the wealth of experience of its staff with their family-focused approach.

The facility is already overcrowded and, anticipating an increase of over 26% in the population's needs in 2012, the hospital's administration decided to construct a new building on a site that will allow for further expansion.

A shining star in architectural woodwork, the Beaubois team will put its talents to good use in the construction of the new campus, working its magic in all sectors of the new hospital. The brilliance of its works will help create the desired ambiance.

The company will craft and install the headboards with medical equipment, closets, vanities, window apron walls and ceiling friezes in the 176 regular rooms and the 96 rooms of the intensive care unit. It will also produce the furniture for the reception and nursing stations and, in front of the latter, will install a back-lit suspended glass panel that will add sparkle to the decor.

Other architectural woodwork elements to be integrated into the decor are wall panels in the reception area and elevator lobbies, benches in the waiting rooms and cafeteria, chair rails and woodbases.

As the architectural design incorporates many angles, Beaubois must carefully coordinate its work with that of all the others involved in the project to ensure that its furniture and other items of architectural woodwork fit perfectly into their assigned places. This essential team-work is going very well as everyone has the success of this major project at heart.

Mother/Child Centre

The facility depends upon an attentive and devoted staff that not only ensures the well-being of infants and their mothers but also supports the latter during their first days of motherhood. These experienced staff members provide them with the training and tools to get them off to the best possible start.

The staff at Woman's Hospital therefore plays a key role in the well-being of the community. Beaubois' role is to fit up the premises to enable them to carry out their duties in pleasant and inspiring surroundings.

The Woman's Hospital, opened in 1968, will remain in operation on its existing site until the beginning of 2011 when the moves by sector will start. The new building will be officially inaugurated in March 2012.

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