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El Paso New United States Courthouse

Where safety is a priority

Safety is the watchword for the design of this new courthouse that, in the event of an explosion, must not move so much as an inch. The frame, walls and windows are practically indestructible. If a tragic event were to occur, the building would be the shelter of choice for the neighboring populace.

Although built like a fortress, the building is warm and welcoming inside, thanks to the wood present in the decor. The 11 courtrooms have magnificent judges' benches, witness boxes and tables; the windows in the rooms for the District Court are enhanced by with louvers and the rooms set aside for the Magistrate's Court are partially decorated with wall panels and moldings. The 11 judges' chambers are accessorized with bookshelves, cupboards and vanities.

All these elements were delivered to El Paso before the installation even began, a rare occurrence for this type of project. Our installation teams were therefore empowered to create the personality of this vast edifice clad in copper, a nod to the local foundry, and the limestone for which Texas is famous.

Marking downtown El Paso's city limits, the courthouse is viewed as a future civic monument, a monument on which Beaubois will proudly inscribe its name.

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