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Huggins Hospital

Design, produce and install in 60 days without interfering with hospital services!

That's the challenge the Beaubois team faced at Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro, NH, during the work of enlarging this hundred-year-old building.

While the hospital continued to look after area residents while being modernized and expanded to more fully meet the needs of the Eastern Lakes Region, Beaubois carefully and diligently dedicated itself to its task.

Today, Huggins Hospital is a 101,000-square-foot facility incorporating the latest in medical and technological advancements. The facility includes an expanded Emergency Department, a new Women's Health and Obstetrics Unit, a Women's Imaging Suite with private waiting and diagnostic imaging rooms and more spacious treatment rooms as well as a centrally located Cardiopulmonary Department and many other improvements.

During the short time available, Beaubois produced and installed new headboards, closets, window ledges, chair guards and decorative door frames in all the rooms. The company also handled the wood laminate and marble counters for the nursing stations, the furniture and wall panels for the main entrance and various elements for the waiting rooms and Emergency.

The architecture makes its own contribution to the success of the project by prioritizing the use of natural materials, the creation of gardens and a connection to the environment through the placement of the windows, skylights and a central atrium. The new larger patient rooms now have space for a family member to stay as needed.

"We are committed to moving our hospital forward to accommodate a new era of health care - a digital age in which our patients rightfully have higher expectations for more efficient and coordinated care. We are moving forward to rebuild Huggins Hospital and lay the foundation for the next century of care," said hospital President and CEO Dave Tower.

A private, not-for-profit, 55-bed establishment, Huggins Hospital is now up-to-date and poised to provide a new century of care. Beaubois is proud to have been a part of this transformation.


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