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The Venetian Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas / The Venetian: measures...extravagantly!

Beaubois took its measurements at the Venetian with its usual prevision so that all of its creations would integrate perfectly into this veritable symbol of extravagance!

The three Presidential suites reflect this magnificence perfectly.  Covering almost 4,000 sq. ft., each offers guests a wide range of entertainment, including a billiard room, a home theatre, an exercise room and a sauna. Beaubois has to resort to 11 fully-loaded trailer-trucks to fit them up.  Custom furniture, wall panels, all types of moulding, cupboards, vanities and many other elements contribute to the luxury of these suites in which even the cupboard and drawer handles are gold plated.

When it opened in 1999, the establishment had 3,036 guest rooms over 30 floors.  In addition to the 3 levels dedicated to the suites, Beaubois was entrusted with 10 other stories.  They are enhanced by decorative mouldings of various types, picture frames, panels, chair rails, door frames and more standard frames and vanity stands.

Although there were so many elements, there were only 10 days allotted per floor for the installation, a real challenge!  More than 100 installers split into two shifts put in all the effort required to meet the deadlines.  Their colleagues in the plant and in design provided them with every support and, right from day one, all the materials were already on spot.

A short time-frame and a huge task show exactly how incredibly efficient Beaubois is, never letting the need for speed compromise quality.  The beauty of the premises speaks to this with eloquence.

In 2008, the Venetian / Palazzo complex became the largest hotel in the world, with more than 7,000 guest rooms.  It also has 16 restaurants, a nightclub, swimming pools, a Spa, a convention centre and a retail centre with a network of canals upon which visitors can glide in gondolas.  In addition, it also houses two museums, including Madame Tussaud's.

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