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Chester County Justice Center

A courthouse that is both elegant and functional

The West Chester Justice Center is the ideal answer to the urgent need for space for the judiciary of the County while, at the same time, offering its users one of the most pleasant environments.

Close to $80M were invested to build this new 7-storey (375 000 ft²) building that, today, has 18 new rooms. Beaubois contributed to this huge project by fitting up all the rooms, thus manufacturing the wall panels and furniture - judges' benches, witness and jury boxes and public seating.

The firm also worked in the lobby that features a magnificent staircase and in the corridors decorated with wall panels, ceiling mouldings and scattered throughout with benches for those who are waiting. The doors and frames also carry the Beaubois seal.

In addition to the courtrooms, the West Chester Justice Center will house all the departments and human resources required for administration. The Sheriff, the Protonotary and the Will Registry will be found there as well as other allied support services.

Although ultramodern, the West Chester Justice Center harmonizes perfectly with the local architecture and the Greek Renaissance style of the historic judicial building that preceded it.

An ambitious and imposing project that demanded perfect mastery of every step of the work because of the tight schedule. Everyone put their shoulder to the wheel - the Beaubois team, the architects and the contractor who had previously won an award from Project Management Institute* for its management excellence.

* The Project Management Institute has more than 260,000 members in over 170 countries, and is the leading membership association for the project management profession.


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