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Meadowlands Stadium

A touchdown for Beaubois in Meadowlands Stadium, East Rutherford

Thanks to its talented personnel and their many victories, Beaubois was signed to the team that is constructing the new stadium for the New York Giants and the New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL). The cost of demolishing the old stadium and constructing the new one will total almost US$1.3 billion. 

Beaubois will be involved in the 200 suites of this vast arena, the Commissioner's Club and the Giants player' room.  The drawings, production and installation are to be completed by August 2009 and, as always, Beaubois intends to be in the end zone before time expires!

A magnificent wood ceiling, counters, cupboards, bars and benches, all by Beaubois, will enhance the numerous suites, for which four different fit-ups have been designed. The Commissioner's Club, a spacious reception hall that can accommodate more than 300 people, will have a bar/restaurant, a terrace and benches.  The walls are covered in coffered panels, which will create a breathtaking effect.  Finally, in the Giants players' room, there will be some 100 lockers in wood and benches for players and officiating teams.  The woods selected, primarily walnut and zebrawood, will create a feel of luxury throughout.

A new page in history...

This new 82,500-seat stadium will replace the old Giants Stadium, which has witnessed the ups and downs of this famed team.  Located right next door, the new arena is the result of an historical agreement.  This is the first time that two teams from the same league have partnered to build a new stadium and it is a partnership that will last for the next 99 years.

A system has been put in place to change the logos and the colours to those of the Giants or the Jets, depending on who is playing that day.  Each team will proudly display its colours, just like Beaubois will when its work bears witness to future highlights in the world of sports.

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