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Downstream Casino

Downstream Casino, Oklahoma: Beaubois bets and wins!

Who else but Beaubois would dare wager that they could design, manufacture and install the furniture and architectural woodwork for a $300M casino in only 4 months?

To carry out this extremely ambitious commitment, Beaubois certainly could not count on good luck. All the more so because the team had to start at zero - no designs, no measurements, all of this still had to be done. Just to complicate things a little more, the complex was already 90% painted.

Without a moment to spare, the project team worked two full-time shifts, 7 days a week.  The architects worked the same way and the general contractor was behind them 100%.  Now that's teamwork!

The contributions of Beaubois are to be found everywhere in the Casino - the main games area, the games rooms, the three restaurants, the bar and the lobby. The most remarkable accomplishment is the dropped ceiling in the 20,000 m² central section.  It is a veritable vaulted ceiling and is divided into several sections over 3 levels.  What is so incredible is that each component weighs 22,000 pounds. The effect is breathtaking!

Even though the work was performed at top speed, quality was never compromised.  The management of the Downstream Casino was impressed, so much so that they awarded Beaubois a second mandate - the architectural woodwork for the hotel, an integral part of the Casino complex, with its 240 guest rooms and suites.

Furniture, display shelving and glass partitions, wall panelling, woodbases, door frames, mouldings of all kinds and column heads are just some of the elements that carry the Beaubois signature.  The firm's artistry provided the finishing touch in all areas of the hotel - guest rooms and suites, corridors and meeting rooms.

Beaubois knows that it can always bet on the talent and expertise of its team, that's what makes it a sure winner.

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