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Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH: The art of precise calculation

In a well-calculated move, three mathematics departments that had been scattered across three buildings for the last 25 years were brought together in one building.  Excellent planning was also required to integrate another building with an area of 2,800 m² (30 000 ft.²).

Known for its precision, Beaubois was given the architectural woodwork mandate for this new building. The elements created by the firm include two superb spider webs in wood that hang over the atrium and over the octagonal room. With their complex geometry, these works are prime examples of Beaubois' mastery of the art of precise calculation.

In addition to these webs, the firm fabricated and installed wall panels, accessories to camouflage the heating units and ceiling lights, benches, woodbases, cabinets and cupboards, in record time. To achieve all this, the Beaubois team dedicated itself wholeheartedly and, once more, took advantage of its expertise in 3-D drawings using the sophisticated software that it has been employing with absolute mastery for several years now.

Kemeny Hall, the new home of the Faculty of Mathematics, and the Haldeman Center now share a space that is efficient, flexible, welcoming and designed on a human scale, in other words, with dimensions that encourage interaction among students and faculties, something for which Dartmouth College is particularly well-known.

While Kemeny Hall allows all the mathematics departments to be together in one premises, the Haldeman Centre provides meeting spaces for all departments of the college, bringing together under one roof the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, the Fannie and Alan Leslie Center for the Humanities and the Institute for the Study of Applied and Professional Ethics.

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