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Kent County Courthouse

The new courthouse in Warwick, RI, is a testimony to modernity and aesthetics

The Beaubois' pieces furnish and decorate, blending with the unusually bold architecture of this new building.  Asymmetric, it features a transparent façade that lets the light in to soften the otherwise austere interior.

Beaubois worked in the 11 courtrooms and that of the Grand Jury, producing and installing all the furniture, jury boxes, public seating and wall panels, as well as several offices and transaction counters.

The Courthouse is also home to the regional offices of the Attorney General and the Public Defender, youth and adult probation offices and those of the Capital Police.

Built in 1805, the old Kent County Courthouse was obsolete.  Air quality was a frequent problem, it was not accessible enough for the physically-challenged and there was not enough space, whether for judges, staff, the public or detainees so the State decided to replace it.

The design is a testimony to the State's renewed commitment to the principles it holds dear: openness, democracy, dignity and accessibility.  The building has leading-edge, user-friendly security and technical equipment.

Beaubois is leaving its indelible mark on this contemporary building... in mahogany!

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