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Storied Places

Beaubois contributed to the construction of the most luxurious residential complex ever built in Tremblant: Storied Places

On the highest mountain in the Laurentians, Beaubois contributed to the most luxurious residential complex ever built in Tremblant, "Storied Places". The firm put the finishing touches on the many facilities found in this superb international-class resort village.

These touches, as numerous as they are varied, speak eloquently to the savoir-faire of the Beaubois team. The firm enhanced the decor of the condominiums in three of the project's six buildings, a total of one million dollars.

Whether in the kitchen, where wood and stainless steel harmonize, the living room that features a magnificent all-wood fireplace or the bathroom with its Italian tones, Beaubois' magic added a warm feeling to each room.

The wood of choice for the interior, pine lends a cheerful glow to every room. Red cedar and field stone wrap the buildings and add to their charm.

A little history...
Long before Quebec got its name, Tremblant was already a "storied place". The Algonquin called it "the mountain that trembles." The tallest peak in the Laurentians, its great height impressed the aboriginal peoples and the first European settlers.

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