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National Library of Quebec

Beaubois demonstrated its technical prowess at the National Library of Quebec, Montreal

Beaubois was the creative force behind all the woodwork for this impressive, one-of-a-kind building whose original design was chosen through an international competition.

The largest and most complex part of this mandate involved the production and installation of wood walls that had to be both load bearing and decorative. Framing the rooms, these walls stretch along the concrete and curtain wall facades of the building, supporting the structure and letting the light in through built-in louvers.

There are 15 types of wooden rooms in all. Although natural wild cherry wood is the main material in evidence, other elements are also present, such as acoustic tiles and glass guard railings.

All of these components had to be handled in a very specific way and the weight restrictions imposed by the library's raised floor, with the ventilation ducts and electrical wiring running underneath, called upon both skill and imagination to ensure flawless installation.

In addition to these walls, Beaubois produced and installed all the architectural woodwork, reception and service counters, and provided the finishing touches for the auditorium. The surround effect of the wood ceiling, wood wall panelling and hardwood floor add elegance and warmth to this immense hall.

La Grande bibliothèque de Montréal extends 33,000 square metres over 6 floors and provides 2,900 seats for the public. It serves as both the National Library of Quebec and a public library.

This noble architectural achievement deserved nothing less than the talent of Beaubois.

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