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Cité Desjardins

Beaubois helps revitalize Cité Desjardins in Lévis

Canada's foremost cooperative financial group, Desjardins has breathed new life into the Lévis neighbourhood that bears its name by erecting a 15-storey office building which dominates the city from its rocky promontory and also offers a breathtaking view of the Saint Lawrence River. The building can also be admired from the provincial capital on the other side of the river. 

The new tower, with a total of 420 000 square feet and housing more than 1 500 work stations, is situated in the heart of a vast sector which is home to several Desjardins buildings and which will now be known as the Cité de Desjardins de la Coopération.

Beaubois used its expertise in architectural woodwork to give the new glass tower some additional features. Upon entering the atrium, you can admire the wall panels and the ceiling of wooden planks set at angles that provide the first glimpse into the building's architectural style.

The Beaubois team used white oak for the architectural acoustic wall and ceiling panels in the common areas, entrance lobby, lounge area, elevator lobbies, multimedia room and conference rooms. The team also produced and installed the built-in furniture in the break rooms on each floor, the numerous guard rails and other elements in solid wood designed by the public areas.

Respecting the environment, a goal

High-performing, functional, on the leading edge of technology, comfortable and inspiring for its occupants, the tower was built to meet multiple environmental criteria with the goal of achieving LEED Gold certification. The elements include high-performance lighting that maximizes the use of natural light and a geothermal system, as well as retention ponds and basins.

The designers went far beyond the green-and-white roof dictated by the standards; they perfected a gigantic state-of-the-art plant wall, the world's tallest according to the research led by Green over Grey, a specialist in this field. Entitled "Les courants" (the currents), this work was inspired by the beauty and expanse of the Saint Lawrence River.

Connecting the city's numerous pavilions and facilitating discussions and communications, the exterior landscaping was an important part of the project. Secure areas for bikes were set up to encourage employees to use this form of transportation and pedestrian pathways wind through the city. In addition to this, there is an underground pedestrian walkway system and a vast public square.

With this $125 million revitalization, Desjardins has provided its employees with an exceptional work environment and consolidated its leadership position in the economic development of the city of Lévis. For its part, Beaubois, a leader in its industry in North America, has once again demonstrated its expertise in projects that meet the strictest environmental standards.

Desjardins is the top cooperative financial group in Canada with $248 billion in assets and ranked first in the North-American category of the World's 20 Strongest Banks, published by Bloomberg Markets. It employs more than 47 000 people and has 7 million members and clients.

*Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system that is recognized as the international mark of excellence for green building in over 160 countries.


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