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Disney's Grand California Hotel

After Disneyland in Florida, Beaubois headed to the Anaheim (CA) site

Beaubois, which worked on Disney's Coronado Springs and Disney's BoardWalk Resort in Florida, was also asked to take on the architectural woodwork for the public spaces of the Grand Californian Hotel in California.

The reception area, the main hall with its majestic stairway, the bar and other public spaces have all been enhanced by Beaubois workmanship, all in keeping with the project's architectural theme of the Romantic period's Arts and Crafts movement.

This design reform movement originated in England, developing from 1880 to 1910, at the end of the Victorian era. In reaction to the over-elaborate atmosphere of the Victorian bourgeoisie, the Arts and Crafts movement aimed for simplicity, even austerity, with the idea that beautiful furnishings were enough. The 750-room hotel combines "hand, heart and head," integrating architecture, art, landscape and the decorative arts.

Visitors can wander through the hotel decorated with handcrafted items such as paintings, light fixtures, cabinetry, furniture, floor inlays and iron-inlaid tile work. From the reception area to the great hall, large and small spaces are layered and manipulated, and various levels of light provide a feeling of intimacy within the large scale of this building.

The other architectural challenge was to apply the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement to eliminate potential conflict between the historic atmosphere of the hotel and the onsite monorail track. The solution is a peaceful tree-filled courtyard allowing the transportation system to glide by without too much disruption of the site's esthetic and tranquility.

The Grand Californian Hotel faithfully recalls those days of old, with just a hint of nostalgia.

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