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Santa Clara Family Justice Center

Santa Clara County, California Beaubois contributes more than architectural millwork in San José

Beaubois took on an active role from very early on in the construction process of the Santa Clara Family Justice Center in San José, because of the planned integration of steel and ornamental and structural metalwork in the architectural woodwork for this project-a project valued at $230 million U.S.

Since its work is attached to the ceiling as well as the concrete flooring slabs, the company is involved in interior wall layout and will take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit for the furniture, mouldings and other wood elements.

Beaubois will be responsible for the furnishings and architectural woodwork in all public spaces, as well as in the courthouse's 20 courtrooms, which are dedicated mainly to family law. Its teams will produce and install adjustable judge benches, clerk desks, microperforated acoustic panels and benches for witnesses, the accused and the public. The Beaubois pieces will include steel and ornamental metalwork as well as the added features of glass and quartz. The wood chosen for this project is quarter-cut sapelli.

Beaubois will follow its usual practice of setting up a model of a complete courtroom-but not in a factory. This time, it will be in a warehouse near the courthouse, and other trades will be involved. This will ensure that the carpet, terrazzo, lighting and ceiling all suit the architectural woodwork elements.

At eight storeys with 230,000 square feet of space, the building is being constructed using Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, into which Beaubois integrates its information. The project is certified WI by the Woodwork Institute of California and is aiming for a silver LEED certificate.

Senator Jim Beales, representing the 15th district in the California Senate, stated that this institution would be a model for his state, since it has been designed to be more welcoming for children. A children's waiting room and a terrace have been set up on the third floor. This welcoming atmosphere is particularly important because many young people are subject to monitoring by the legal system until they become adults, whether because of family legal cases, legal problems related to drugs, or mental health issues.

This new courthouse, which will bring together all family legal services under one roof, is one of Beaubois' most important contracts on the California coast, and the project will be an impressive showcase for the team's talent.

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