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Yale University

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut New premises with exceptional architecture for the School of Management

The 16 classrooms in the Edward P. Evans Hall building are oval and laid out in nine different ways in terms of sizes, curves and levels. It will be one of the most prestigious projects carried out by Beaubois in its 35-year history.

Equally exceptional is the fact that the project required so much high-quality walnut veneer that Beaubois used up the entire inventory of the two largest veneer suppliers in North America.

The classrooms, with a total capacity of 1,000 seats, will be enhanced with panelling. Produced and installed by Beaubois, metal panels will border the 15-foot high door frames and metal elements will cover the furniture of the Coffee Shop and the Media Library. The curved auditorium will feature fabric-covered panels with black wood acoustic dampers and be crowned by a suspended wood ceiling.

The Beinecke Room, also curved, is quite unusual, equipped with pocket doors that slide into a wall that does not touch the perimeter. Beaubois will also craft six rectangular and concave totems decorated with wood strips.

Because of the unusually high number of elements and curves, the measurements had to be as exact as possible. The team used a 3D laser and, because not one error was made, all the pieces fit together perfectly when assembled. The precision of Beaubois' engineering has also made it the reference for the contractor carrying out the interior construction of the building.

This one-of-a-kind, tastefully designed project definitely stands apart.

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