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Ritz Carlton Hotel

Rejuvenation of the famous hotel chain's first Ritz-Carlton


Rejuvenating this 100-year-old building, modernizing it and transforming it into a five-star property was a very delicate undertaking. Beaubois was delighted to be part of the team that rose to this stimulating and inspiring challenge.

As the building was completely refurbished, the Ritz-Carlton was closed for almost four years. Since it reopened in June 2012, its visitors have been dazzled by the lobby where Beaubois has restored life to the mouldings that ornament this space while fashioning a magnificent reception desk. All the rules for conserving and restoring monuments and sites were strictly followed during this huge renovation.

The Beaubois team worked in every area of the 97-room hotel and in the new Residences at The Ritz-Carlton. A wing was added for these 45 luxury units and its contemporary facade distinguishes it from the original building in a most harmonious way.

Beaubois was responsible for the architectural woodwork in the Royal Suite, its three bathrooms and bar. All the other guestrooms and suites are enhanced by mouldings, luggage racks and vanities produced by its team. The residences have California-style shutters and mouldings produced and installed by Beaubois.  In the residential wing's lobby, the reception desk blends with the wall panelling and the columns with wood finishes, laid out in a diamond pattern. 

The Maison Boulud restaurant also features works by the talented people at Beaubois: reception desk, sliding doors, wall panels and the superb oak bar, all produced and installed with finesse. 

Integrated furniture and wall panelling grace the business centre, the Blue Room and conference rooms. Lastly, the aquatic centre opens on a reception desk where Beaubois elegantly brought together wood and glass and, over the pool, its team covered the ceiling with a blend of tropical teak planks, giving the area a unique look.

The Grand Old Lady, as the Ritz-Carlton Montréal is fondly called, once again basks in its former glory and has already achieved the five stars that testify to the exceptional quality of the establishment. 


A little history

The hotel was to be called The Carlton until one of the four wealthy investors, whose dream it was, suggested that the property could benefit from the advice of César Ritz. He agreed to exchange the rights to the use of his name for the hotel on the condition that its facilities incorporated certain luxuries that were very rare in those days, including a bathroom in each room. The hotel, which opened its doors on December 31, 1912, was designed by the New York firm of architects, Warren & Wetmore, whose achievements include Grand Central Station and the Biltmore, Vanderbilt and Ritz hotels in New York. A neo-classical building in the Palazzo style, Montreal's Ritz-Carlton was constructed at a cost of $3M. The majestic hotel established a superb reputation for itself so rapidly, that, in February 1916, it was selected as the site for the first transcontinental telephone call. Its famous guests have included Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Richard Nixon and George Bush Sr., as well as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who celebrated their marriage there in 1964. The Ritz-Carlton Montréal is the city's only luxury hotel from the 1880-1940 period that is still in operation.

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