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Worcester District Court

The most impressive courthouse in Massachusetts put its trust in Beaubois

Beaubois was contracted to carry out all the architectural woodwork for the Worcester District Court, a building valued at approximately $180M.

According to architect Kevin Triplett of Shepley Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott of Boston, the project's designer, "Beaubois was selected for their experience and track record in producing courthouses of the highest quality."

Once again, Beaubois rose to the occasion, producing woodwork and furnishings worthy of the vocation of the building. Wall panels, doors and window frames, customized integrated furniture, wainscoting, moldings, judges' benches, jury boxes and public seating, courtroom platforms and a number of other elements were pulled together by Beaubois to produce a perfectly harmonized whole.

Makore, a type of mahogany, was selected because of its deep rich color and its amazingly uniform figuring that resulted in the use of only four logs to produce the veneer for the 27 courtrooms.

One of Beaubois' principal challenges was to construct two interior rooms shaped like a house and used as jury rooms. The firm not only produced the architectural woodwork elements but was also asked to put up the gyprock walls.

With an area of 427,000 ft.², the Worcester Trial Court is the first in Massachusetts to house all the services and types of court-superior, district, juvenile, probation and housing. Grouped around a linear lobby, they are easily visibly and accessible by three internal routes: public, restricted and secured. Thousands of visitors come there each day.

As always, Ébénisterie Beaubois worked closely with the architects. First, the firm participated in the development of the project and then its team prepared the technical drawings containing the maximum amount of information, so complete that they became a reference tool for everyone working on the site.

Rising near the heart of Worcester's historic business district, the elegant new courthouse reflects the importance and tradition of the judicial process through its innovative design and Beaubois' exceptional works of woodworking art.

In 2009, the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) presented Beaubois with an achievement award for its remarkable work in carrying out the project while respecting the quality criteria and design requirements.
In 2007, the Management Association of America awarded the Worcester Trial Court a Project Achievement Award in the category of building with a constructed value exceeding $100 million. To learn more, visit

Design Solutions Magazine, Fall 2009

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