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Maricopa County Court Tower

Beaubois teams up with the local talent

Wherever Beaubois obtains a contract, it invariably calls upon local talent.

Beaubois has entrusted certain elements of the architectural woodwork for the Maricopa County Court Tower to a local contractor and is providing assistance to ensure that the products are up to its high standards. Beaubois also invariably draws on local talent for the installation phase and Arizona will be no exception.

Beaubois works in close collaboration with the subcontractors on its projects and the firm's contribution is a key factor. Its shop drawings, renowned for their extreme precision, are used by other project participants who refer to them when fitting up the 22 court rooms. Following the measurements indicated on the drawings allows the architectural woodwork elements to be perfectly integrated at installation time.

Without even entering the courtrooms, Court Tower users will be able to admire panels by Beaubois that will decorate the exterior walls. When users pass through the doors of each room, they will notice the panels that enhance the interior decor. Beaubois will also be producing all the courtroom furniture for the judges, juries, witnesses, bailiffs and lawyers. This time, a new feature has been added -height-adjustable working surfaces for the judges.

Rooms clad in natural white oak will be staggered over several of the 16 floors of this user-friendly building. Open to the public, it is designed to minimize contact between victims, witnesses, suspects and families. There will be viewing rooms for victims in the back of the courtrooms as well as special waiting rooms for them in the lobbies.

Keeping everyone safe and secure is a major priority for the administration and so the design features include structural areas capable of progressive collapse in the event of a severe attack. This means that the building will never completely fall down.

In today's world with its many environmental challenges, the administration of the complex chose to construct a green building, aiming for LEED Silver certification. This system encourages the development of buildings that are high-performance in several areas, including energy efficiency, air quality and water savings.

With a value of US$340M, the Maricopa Court Tower will allow trial delays to be substantially reduced because, since 2000, the number of court cases has doubled and it is anticipated that this case load will rise steadily over the next several years.

A project of which both locals and Beaubois can be proud.

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