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Rice University, McMurtry and Duncan College

Beaubois prepares the production start-up in record time!

The design contract was carried out over a split time period because the design team started the project and then had to wait until they got the green light. Of the project's 20,000 factory hours, 11,000 were left, which normally represents two months of work for two designers. When the go-ahead was given, there delivery date remained unchanged so 13 designers sat down, rolled up their sleeves and, 4.5 days later, Beaubois finished the production start-up! What an amazing achievement!

The design team may have moved at lightning speed but, as usual, they did not neglect a single detail. The result? Despite the complexity and uniqueness of the pieces, there were no errors at all. All the elements fit together perfectly and the deadlines were met.

The most remarkable items, two multi-element ceilings in two rooms of the buildings under construction, the McMurtry and the Duncan, provided their own fair share of the challenges. But everything was so exactly measured that they were installed with ease.

The unique blending of art and skill provided by Beaubois will grace five buildings in total:
• Duncan College
This residence, the university's first LEED Gold building will have 324 beds over five stories. It is the second building named for generous donors Anne and Charles Duncan, former Secretary of Energy under President Jimmy Carter.
• McMurtry College
Another LEED Gold building, it will also have 324 beds over five stories. McMurtry College is being built thanks to the generous contribution of Deedee and Burt McMurtry, a well-known Texas businessman.
• Duncan Commons and McMurtry Commons
Students will have their meals here and participate in the activities of college life, including study groups, theatrical productions and festivities. The building will also house administrative offices and a dining room for small group meetings.
• Masters House McMurtry & Duncan
Two-story houses with kitchens.

Beaubois had the contract for all the architectural woodwork and its talent is apparent in every element it fashioned - wall panels, bookshelves, banquettes, furniture, columns, window sills, vanities, ramps, benches and a variety of mouldings.

Although the buildings have similar purposes, each is set apart by its landscaping and certain architectural characteristics. Thus, the rectangular shape of Duncan Commons contrasts with the roundness of McMurtry Commons.

These new buildings are part of Rice University's vision for its second century, with a projected 30% increase in its student population. Despite its seeming rather ambitious, this goal has already been reached.

Rice University was founded in 1891 as The William Marsh Rice Institute for the Advancement of Letters, Science, and Art, and was inaugurated 1912. It has an extremely high level of research activity, with a $77.2 million budget in 2007. The University is also well-known for the quality of its applied science programs in nanotechnology, artificial heart research, structural chemical analysis and space science.

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