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PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center

A modern, luxurious hospital in a most picturesque setting

Stretching alongside the Willamette Valley, the Sacred Heart Medical Center of Springfield is the flagship of the PeaceHealth system, a network of six hospitals in the District of Columbia, Oregon and Alaska.

Patient-centred, the new institution's mission will focus, as a priority, on the quality of clinical care and the security of care recipients.

The new health destination located at the heart of the medical campus, the Sacred Heart Medical Center offers spacious rooms with a spectacular view of the valley and the city, a two-story atrium that takes the greatest advantage of natural light and a vast lobby with a fireplace that warms the atmosphere with its calming and relaxing presence.

The lobby shows off the talent of the Beaubois team in a majestic staircase going up to the second level and column claddings that give the area a certain aura of prestige and luxury. Other columns clad in the same wood as the wall panels grace the elevator lobbies and all the corridors.

Luxury is not confined to the public areas because, unlike most hospitals, there is little room for laminated plastic. Beaubois rose to the occasion, using cherrywood veneers almost exclusively in each room. The team did the same thing in the operating rooms, laboratories, emergency rooms and nursing stations. The handrails, woodbase and chair rails throughout the building were also crafted by Beaubois personnel.

The only thing that rivals the luxury of the building is the leading-edge technology used by the medical teams in each department, including the Intensive Care Unit, neurology, sleep disorders and a multitude of services for women and children. The latter include the birthing rooms, the neonatal intensive care unit, pediatrics, orthopaedics and oncology.

With its exceptional natural surroundings, elegant landscaping and easy access, the site is a source of inspiration for the staff and a perfect location to showcase the incredible talent of the Beaubois team.

PeaceHealth, a Catholic-based, not for profit organization, employs thousands of people and holds first place for the quality of its health care in the American West and fourth place nationally.

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