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Masters of architectural woodwork

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Masters of Information

Beaubois is North America’s pioneer in the use of 3D technology in the architectural woodwork industry. We have the ability to incorporate our data into the unique Building Information Modeling (BIM) for our clients who operate with this advanced technology.

First, we create three dimensional drawings using 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software. Next, we integrate them virtually into the BIM, which incorporates all of the other elements of the building. This way, conflicts that are practically undetectable on paper are revealed quickly and in precise detail.

Throughout this new process, Beaubois serves as a true partner in the success of a project. We collaborate with our clients, who rely on our expertise and ability, to visualize the final product in its entirety and thereby avoid potential problems.

Unique Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM encompasses:

  • Building geometry
  • Spatial relationships
  • Quantities
  • Poperties of building components


The BIM created during the design process can also be used during the:

  1. Operating life of the building
  2. Demolition of the building  because it includes the structural aspects, ecological footprint and quantity of the materials among other data


The benefits BIM:

  • It demonstrates the appropriateness of prefabricating various elements of the building to reduce the design lifecycle to a minimum
  • It enables information to accumulate across time, because all information is entered and stored as the design proceeds, such as energy calculations, air conditioning and equipment placement.
  • It serves as a reference tool for the building operations manager due to the detail and quality of documentation it contains.
  • It considerably reduces the time it takes to react to maintenance issues that may arise during the lifetime of the building.


BIM, an avant-garde technology that Beaubois has already mastered.

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